COMT Intensive Certification (Level 1)

COMT Philosophy
Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) is not a new technique that offers cookbook solutions. The goal of COMT Certification is to empower the therapist/trainer/instructor to think critically and then creatively apply their assessment and treatment techniques. Dr. Joe Muscolino does this by marrying together the fundamental techniques that underlie manual and movement therapies, with the known principles of kinesiology, in other words, neuro-myo-fascio-skeletal anatomy and physiology. 

• Palpation and orthopedic assessment,
• body mechanics,
• soft tissue manipulation (massage),
• myofascial stretching (basic and advanced techniques),
• arthrofascial stretching (AFS: Grade IV joint mobilization for  manual therapists),
• hydrotherapy,
• treatment strategy
…are all woven into each of the six hands-on workshops.

Completion of any and all of the five hands-on workshops as part of the full COMT Certification will refine how you apply your techniques in clinical orthopedic manual and movement rehabilitative care, thus distinguishing you in your practice!

55850_03_05Become COMT Certified

Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) Certification involves a series of five in-person workshops and two sets of home study courses. Together, these workshops and courses address clinical orthopedic assessment and treatment techniques, as well as musculoskeletal pathology, and kinesiology for the entire body.

Becoming COMT certified means that you will learn how to remedy specific musculoskeletal complaints with which your client/patient presents. These workshops are all hands-on and always address each assessment and treatment technique from the point of view of critical thinking so you can creatively apply your techniques for maximal results!

Thank you again for sharing your gift with us! You are a great instructor and your passion really shines through. You inspire me to be the best therapist I can be. I truly look forward to future classes (ie. Cadaver Lab or repeats of COMT), any opportunity to glean as much from you as possible!!Amy H., Massage Therapist, VA
Content of COMT Workshops

LE-Medial-Rotator-Stretch-Supine-copyThese hands-on workshops will cover the following assessment and treatment protocols: (Note: These courses can be taken in any order.)

  • Efficient body mechanics for deep pressure massage – Learn how to work from your core so you work smarter instead of harder.
  • Orthopedic assessment testing – Determine which treatment techniques are safe and effective to use by having a clear assessment picture of your client’s/patient’s condition.
  • Stretching – Learn how to figure out how to most effectively stretch each muscle of the client instead of having to memorize stretching protocols.
  • Advanced stretching techniques – Learn how to use contract relax (CR), also known as post-isometric relaxation (PIR), also known as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) technique; and also agonist contract (AC) technique (the basis for Aaron Mattes – Active Isolated Stretching [AIS] technique)
  • Arthrofascial Stretching (AFS): Soft Tissue Joint Mobilization for Manual Therapists – AFS is the most powerful technique available to most massage and manual therapists. It is the only method that can release individual hypomobile segments of the spine. Learn how to perform this technique safely and effectively.
  • The neck workshop also teaches how to treat the anterior neck safely and effectively.
Just wanted to thank you for an amazing weekend. After 22 years of successful practice (I’ve been seeing 20-30 clients a week all these years) it is exactly what I needed to sustain me for another 22 years. I’ve immediately incorporated the neck work which is a nice treat after a workshop. I’ve lowered my table and feel like a new MT again. I’m hoping to see you in May for the next session. Thank you and safe travels to the Southern Hemisphere.Jenn S. Licensed Massage Therapist
UE-f14-07C-A05171-copyIn-Person Workshops

Each in-person workshop offers a Certificate of Completion and continuing education (CE) hours through the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Each home study course is divided into chapters/modules and offers Certificates of Achievement and CE hours through the NCBTMB (see workshops / home study page for more details).

After completing all five in-person workshops and two sets of home study courses, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded that certifies you as a Clinical Orthopedic Massage Therapist (COMT), designating you as an advanced orthopedic therapist.

The In-Person Workshops are:

Click each link for more information on each individual COMT workshop:

This was an amazing workshop. I will use all of these skills in my private practice! I have taken many continuing ed. workshops over the past 16 years, and feel this workshop was one of the best. Thank you!Andrea A., NCTMB Massage Therapist.
Jt-Mob-YAN_2489-Edit-copy-2Home Study Courses

The home study courses are (Note: Most of these home study courses earn NCBTMB CE hours credit):

  • Kinesiology home study course (all chapters/modules)
  • Muscular System Manual home study course (chapters/modules 4-19 only)
  • You may take the home study courses in any order that you like, but it is generally recommended to complete the Kinesiology Book first.

The Home Study Courses are exclusively available through our Digital COMT subscription service at no additional cost beyond the subscription fee. 

Schedule of Workshops

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